diane akey
visual artist

Painting Poetry


"Waters Edge"  |  44' x 44"  |  Acrylic mixed media on canvas |

I found this beautiful poem online that reflects my painting. The poet is Nocturnus Libertus. 


I am a mindless soul.
I wander throughout valleys, & plateau's.
Blindly following the wind.
Dragging my feet to the direction it carries me.

I am a kindred soul.
I run idyllically through the fields of significance.
Sometimes I forget who I am.
And when I do, I feel free.

I am
I've somewhat reached my inner divinity.
However, the bold voices in the wind can sometimes misguide me.
When I get lost, I just sit there.

I wait for the wind to guide me again.
When the time comes,
I will know what to do.
And someday, I will guide myself


Image © dianeakey.com
Poem © Nocturnus Libertus