diane akey
visual artist

Artist Statement


Nobody is really ready to Retire!  Although, I've always enjoyed making art, I have had many roles in my life so far- student, teacher, mother, wife, farmer, and now painter! I paint what I want and where ever my brush takes me! I usually paint in acrylics and oils. I like mark making, textures and patches of colours. This last year I have been evolving into abstraction.  As I have gradually changed from a Career-controlled pace of life to a life with a pace that I can control, I have spent more time just enjoying my experiences with my own art making.  I have explored and played with different mediums and various techniques.  Self-directed creativity isn’t easy! Everyday in my studio presents new challenges that move me forward on my way to a new learning Journey that has no boundaries!


This past year my most recent body of work represents my new practises with mark making, gestural strokes, and texture making.  While attempting to learn to be more loose and free, I have continued with my explorative learning of colour theory.  I am constantly inspired by the wonders and beauty of nature.  Environmental science  has always been a focus of my education.  Wether it’s the life cycle of frogs or the migratory patterns of the birds that fly the Pacific Flyway, an understanding of the Stewardship of our earth is a constant inspiration to me.  


The support of family, friends and other artists have helped me through the joys and inevitable challenges of creating my art work.  I belong to and volunteer at an Artist Guild.  I visit art galleries and research artists and their works on line.  I take courses both online and life.  I am passionate about Learning to make my Art. I am not retired, I am Retreaded and continually learning about making my art as wonderful as I can!





Diane Akey