diane akey
visual artist

Nicola Lake Mountain Sage Artemisia norvegica

Acrylic on canvas
36 by 24

This painting was inspired by the Mountain Sage Plant that grows around Nicola Lake. NicolaLake is a glacially formed narrow, deep lake located in the South-Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada.
Grasslands and shrub-steppe – what makes the Okanagan the true “wild west” – it’s the rolling hillsides and benches of bunchgrass and shrubs such as antelope-brush and sagebrush. Grasslands are one of the most unique types of habitat in the. province – covering only about 1% of B.C. We have lost
considerable tracts of grasslands in our region. Healthy grassland soils are covered with a crust of lichens and mosses which helps prevent soil erosion. Wildlife of concern associated with grasslands include:
Burrowing Owl
Pallid Bat
California Bighorn Sheep
Nuttall’s Cottontail
Gopher Snake