diane akey
visual artist
22 Feb 2021 - 7 Mar 2021 2021 Abstracted. This is a FCA Juried Show Category: Show/Exhibit Venue: Federation of Canadian Artists, Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Flowers On the Table

28 by 48
Mixed media on paper

I enjoy studying the work of Helen Frankenthaler an American, 1928–2011. She was an abstract expressionism painter.

Her canvases, often suggested elements of landscapes or figuration in the shaping of their forms. Frankenthaler once said, “My pictures are full of climates, abstract climates. They're not nature per se, but a feeling.”
I like this sentiment, too. In my painting, Flowers on a Table, I wanted to paint the colours not the objects. That might be a Colours-cape.